Demo 2011

by Sneak Attack

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Demo 2011


released June 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Sneak Attack Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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Track Name: People Like You
your heart and your mind are full of shit
you are going with every trend which you could fucking fit
can't tell me what's wrong or right
cause your words are not true
so you mean nothing to me nor your false point of view

which I can't fucking stand

people like you make me sick
I wish I could wipe you out
actions speak louder than words
so we should make them count
always picking on the weak
because the strong would overcome
so I will tell you what you are
you are nothing but scum
Track Name: Staying Loose
I dont know which path to track
while expectations are all that last
working in an office from nine to five
or living in the streets and pulling strifes

slipped into a time where confidence is hard to find
dealing with issues and there is no end in sight
trapped into madness while fools surround me
where nothing is clear but my mental decay

changing faces won't change my mess
living the good times and fuck the regrets
future aint simple but I got the booze
with all my friends I'm staying loose

staying loose
Track Name: Search For Peace